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Fixed EPIC Sienna Bracelet

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Jan 6, 2015
What's the probability of having Triple +7% ASA or +9% CDI? If my calculation is correct, it is 1/729. Meaning, out of 729 trials - mathematically we can only have 1 wild chance.
May i suggest that Epic Options shall be juggled only within the max values so that at least we can have the probability of obtaining 3 same option at 1/27 which is achievable. Or better yet, set values as to max 3(ASA), 3(CDI), 3(ATK) or 2-CDI + 1ASA when crafting sienna bracelet and to be randomly obtained.
Note - craft materials are already hard to gain.
yeah it is really hard to get good stat, I even call my siena bracelet a crap even I spend a week of hunting for it and just saw theres also slotted ones which is oh come on. theres no enjoyment on running solo AOS2 alot it is really tiring.
Siena bracelet uses the same randomizer and prideus one. As its description states the bracelet is an upgraded version of the prideus one.
As for running the AOS2 alone why dont you all try to use party? Its faster and easier.
Random crafting... I'm craying to get good one
That is the fun of this item. When you will get a perfect one you will value it. ;)
Not open for further replies.

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