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Explanation of the Party exp function.


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Apr 26, 2015
Hello Dear Players, Today i'll be going through how the Party exp function as majority of you seem to be very confused about how it works

There are ofcourse many variables to take into consideration when you choose to party up with someone else
i'll try to make it as simple as possible.

Once you enter a party with an another person you will obtain 140% however! that means 140% in total to all party members meaning if 1 members does not attack while being eligible to obtain party exp the exp will be distributed like this
Solo = 100%
Party = 140%
Party function 140%/X <<<<[ X = Amount of members in the party]

If party member is in a safe zone or in a different map the members get exluded from the equation and example of this could be

140%/(5-3)= 70% <<<[In this scenario we have 5 party members but 3 are in a different map or a safe zone]

Another way to demonstrate this is by saying fx. you hit a monster
Solo = 10M Exp
Party = 14M EXP

now this means that each member will get 7M exp if you follow the 140%/[Amount of PT members] it would mean that unless all party members are actively killing and dealing the same amount of dmg or slightly lower/higher soloing is more efficient

The Party exp has never been bugged but misunderstood in terms of the % of exp that you actually get.

i hope this clears up all the questions/confusion theres been regarding this topic.

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