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~~Fails From Your Staff~~



I think our cute little old EGA members already knows about this thread which was started by our beloved admin Darkaia . Since I love collecting memories I will remake this thread as well to keep it as memories :shy:
For those who doesn't know what's this thread about... here's some info what does this thread contains :3
It's all about hilarious fails moments behind the scene.... we had a lot of fails... and pretty much sure we will have even more fails in future... :sneaky:

(I am sorry but I coulnd't save images in best quality at all so bear with it :cryingtiger: I try my best to copy it from words to words though :cryingtiger: PS. I use dark theme forum, so if you can't see if please change to war field while reading :h:)




Fail #4: Killing players is bad..mkay.

This one comes from me.. embrassing... My first day as a full GM answering questions. So a player mailed me and said this quest was bugged and that he was killing the boss it said but wasn't counting, So I followed him into the dungeon to watch.. this is the story...

Player: My quest is bugged, it's not counting my kill of this boss
Darkaia: Ok go kill him again I will watch to make sure you're killing right one.
Player: Ok

*Player kills correct boss*
Player: See it didn't count.
Darkaia: Hmm.. Ok maybe you used to abandon it and take it again. Please exit the dungeon.
Player: Ok

Now we both exit the dungeon. Keep in mind this is in Forgotten Ruin and I am invisible.
Alright I'll just right click on him to pm him....

*Kills player with GM sign*
Player: Hmm...
Darkaia: I didn't meant to kill you!!
Player: Haha it's ok

My first thought was ''Well I'm fired'' LOL! Note to self: Right clicking on players in a war map = death.
As embrassing as this is... here is the screenshot XD


*The conversation in screenshot*
Darkaia: Holy ducking shit im so sorry
Player: hmm
Player: I do this dung.
Darkaia: I tried to right click on you to pm you and it hit D:
Darkaia: im sooo sorry




Fail #8 What did I say about shoutbox and tired?!
This is from our MOD James, his very first one. This is the story...

Fail #9: English only in shouts eRRoR! (Oh god don't kill me :h:)
eRRor tried to make a server restart announcement before I could and I think he typed a little too fast. This is the story...(There was screenshot but it looks really crappy so I can't post it here!!)

eRRoR: Server will be restated
Player 1: When?
Player 2: Nice gm xD
eRRoR: :p
Player 2: Nice ega xD
Darkaia: Too late hah!
eRRoR: I will kill you !
Player 1: Haha

Oh eRRoR we still love you :shy:

Fail #10: Hope you get a dictionary for Christmas!

In this fail we see a perfect example of someone who is too eaget to types too fast on the keyboard. We kinda talked about going to denmark to kill a certain person, and so we had to create some memes fitting in the situation. This is story...

But here is the reason why I hope Darkaia got a dictionary for Christmas, pay attention to the missing N in ''Denmark''

Don't worry tiff we still love ya :h: xD

Fail #11: Speaking of dictionary for Christmas...

I guess I wasn't the only one who needed a dictionary for Christmas JAMES :p

LOL! We miss you buddy

Fail #13: We are still working on his English...
Poor eRRoR we give him shit about his English all the time. Here ya go EGA another one from you glorious Owner! (This ss was realllllly horrible I will try to type from what I remember... XD So correct me if I am wrong :h:)

eRRoR: Teamwork people ! If you lure it too far away golems HP will retore!
eRRoR: It's already retoring!

English.. it's a work in progress :h:


Fail # 15: What update?

This one is from our beloved.. owner again.. this is story...


*clap clap* Way to go Kraken :h:


Fail #17: A fail with 4 slots even after days of talking about it...

You can't say you'll never be on the fail list :3 Cuz I am everywhere ^.^


How can you fail... we talked about it day before that it can't be added ing :complacenttiger:

Fail #18: Our mod lives in the Future

So here's my revenge:sneaky:

I thought we're still in year 2014 :complacenttiger: But don't worry we still love you puppy :leer:

Fail #19: This mod is now living in the past?
This is one is from me.... and very very recent... As you know we joined new home so I made some intro about myself... And this happened...

First.. I came from future... now I went back to the past... and I seem to be pretty much... old?

Enjoy our fails guys! More to come! *edited alot due way too much words in it!!!* :sneaky:

XangorX :mustache:

OMG I miss this thread so much!!! i thought everything are gone, but IT STILL THERE!!!! NANCY youre the BEST:heart: :applausetiger:
Hahaha yes! Thanks Nancy. I hope we can continue to grow this thread here Olympus :)
hoho..good thing im not part of it during my stay as a staff member..^^

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