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FreeStyle PVP Tournament! :D (Finished)

Where would you like for the PVP Tournament to take place? ^_^

  • Fort Ruina, Mechzards Arena

    Votes: 11 27.5%
  • Fort Ruina, Auto Cannon - Ex Area

    Votes: 2 5.0%
  • Lake Side, Vikalitan Spawning Area

    Votes: 9 22.5%
  • Arcane Trace, Golem Spawning Area

    Votes: 18 45.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Event GMOD
Dec 3, 2014
Hello everyone!!! I know how much, many of you wanted to see this event happening :p So here it is!

Information about it:

When it will take place?
Saturday 12.12.2015 at 15:00/3:00 PM Server Time

Where it will take place?
Well, I really wanted this to be your decision but due to, Lake Side and Arcane Trace being WAR maps we can't make PVPs there.
Therefore, the OFFICIAL location is:
Mechzards Arena - Fort Ruina!
Really sorry about this but no one notified me ... is good that I checked it ;)

Something important, I hope you know that Magic Characters have a big advantage and I hope you won't complain about this ;) Personally, I'll try, at the beginning, to put Sword vs. Sword Users and Magic vs. Magic users, after that is all GL to you : ))))

How you fight?
All matches will have 3 rounds (first to 2 wins), only Semi-Finals will have 5 rounds (first to 3 wins) and The Big and Small Final will have 7 rounds (first to 4 wins) :D

How you join?

I am sure you, all are interested in this event so, please post here the following info.(do this asap so it will be easier for me to set things properly ;) )

Register Format:

Character name:
Class: (f.e. Blader)

If for some reasons you have said you are going to join but then suddenly can’t join please send me a PM or Mail and I will sort things out, thank you! :D

Rules (In brackets is what happens if you do not follow it)

1. Each person who enters may only use one character - I'll check this for sure :p (disqualification for both characters)
2. Very, Very Important!!! If you leave the restricted area where you fight, you are disqualified! ;)
2. Fade, Dash and Blink can be used, obviously - remember is a freestyle PVP, you move @ ;)
3. Party buffs and or buffs from other characters other than your own are NOT allowed (Asked to remove/Round loss)
4. No battle modes / Aura (Round loss)
5. No potions are allowed to be used (Round loss)
6. EXTREME RULE! If I see someone running for more than 1 min and have no intention to fight it is DISQUALIFIED ;)

UPDATE!!! I decided to make this tournament really interesting :p You can use any skill/buff/debuff as long is it yours, but respecting the rules above.
So, Force Bladers can not use unmovable skills(sorry:( ) because it will be a normal PVP this may + Bladers can only use Intuition*** only if they face a Magic User, else VS a Sword User it is not allowed!

The following skills can NOT be used:


All Party Buffs
Bear's Vitality
Cat's Recovery


Mass Restore
High Regeneration

Force Archer:
Mass Heal
Art of Healing
Greater Heal

Force Shielder:
Art of Defense
Shadow Shield


Force Blader:
Field of Execration


1. Participants: 4 Unique elements + 6h BB EXP 200%
2. Winner of at least 1 match: 7 unique + 12h BB EXP 200%
3. 4th place: 15 unique + 2 days BB EXP 200%
4. 3rd place: 15 unique + Electronica Costume or Elecronica Weapon Costume or Francky Pet perma + 3 days BB EXP 200%
5. 2nd place: 25 unique + Electronica Costume or Elecronica Weapon Costume or Francky Pet perma + 3 days BB EXP 200%
6. 1st place: 35 unique + Electronica Costume or Elecronica Weapon Costume or Francky Pet perma + 5 days BB EXP 200%

***These Prizes are in the spirit of the upcoming holidays , take them as a gift from Santa ;)***

Well, this is kind of all, I hope I covered all up, if not this thread will be properly modified.
Hope to see a lot of people on that Saturday ;)
Good Luck and Always Have Fun!!! ^_^


Also, GM Dehnfeld will stream the event on his channel, feel free to watch it live!

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""Fade, Dash and Blink can be used, obviously."" u 100% sure ?
Stay on-topic.
That is real free style.. And I like it but I can't join. I'm working :cry:
Prizes added, I hope you like them as much as me :p
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