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Fixed From Some Players

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Mar 17, 2015
as the title says this was a feedback not a complaint

ME: hey guys why still leaving?? we agreed were going to donate here?? we have chaos set now, no other server has that..
PPL1: things doesnt change, theyre bunch of "masochist" ..they want players to train very very hard
PPL2: lawl the exact opposite of old redemption
PPL1: yeah
PPL2: i rather play in officials with gameplay like this, its an Epic fail from them rofl

ME: but their open for suggestions, just like mine i posted yesterday?
PPL1: theyl just gonna tell you they have bunch of works before they do that
PPL2: yes true, unbinding system still bugged, DG drops still crap, Scrolls etc.. all pending for 3 months
PPL1: dont you notice they work once a week for the server
PPL2: expect your idea to be implemented after Halloween and before christmas day rofl
PPL1: join us, were switching to cabal ****** server tonight

ME: is hard to start from a scratch we dont know anyone there
PPL2: LOOOOL other players from OGN are there 3 weeks ago, she promised shes going to help us
PPL1: with alz hehehe, and boosts our chars to 190
ME: zwei set? chaos set? soul reaver? enochian??
PPL2: NOOO!! they dont have that for the moment, they got ep12 buffs, 30VS30 TG, 200-300 players online/day and a LIVE COMMUNITY
PPL1: Your going to like their gameplay, not like here, a "sadist" gameplay,, you what sadist means??
ME: i know

PPL2: what now??
ME: still thinking
PPL1: thinking what???
ME: what if theyre going to change and hear players suggestions?? will we come back here??
PPL2: it depends, if i already donated there i wont go back here
PPL1: same
PPL2: downloading client...
PPL1: what now? join us or stay here rot??
ME: i dont know lol, i see some newbies now
PPL1: just like us, thyre impress with the server at first but after 1-2 weeks of playing theyll gonna quit, players come then go, they have nonsense idea for a gameplay, they want players to train very very hard. they are masochists and sadists. this server gonna closed soon, dont waste your time and money here.
PPL2: sad but true, Redemption is diffrent now sorry but were leaving with or without you
ME: OK, i need time to think
THis is not a feedback.
We are not forcing anyone to play here.
We will always try our best do make a nice gameplay but not as nubs want it, all for free and free ecoins for being online.
Fell free to play short living servers if that is what you are looking for.
Not open for further replies.

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