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Fixed Golem&&Awaken Boss Bugg?

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  • Golem boss
I was at golem we kill it (most of the player left) and i was w8 to pick som unbin high stone i was with 2 other ppl w8 to get the drop and we w8 we w8 and suddenly(while i was pressing space+ the pick up item skill) the drop was gone everything was gone,and all of the ppl was like what??what happen? no1 couldnt pick anything up and the drop was gone...
I was today at golem and i try to see if it happen but it was ok.

  • Awaken boss
I dont know how the drop works but something its odd here.
We kill the boss today and most of the player couldnt pick while only 2-3 ppl pick insane amount of weap...
Last week same think I was at boss we kill the boss and idk how happen but i was right in the middle of all the box and I was pressing space + the skill that pick item and i couldnt pick.
I dont know how the drop system works but if some1 pick an insane amount of weaps while other try to pick and they cant i can say that there is a problem

If there is no bug atless let us know how the drop works so we can prepare for the next one.

I think u should make the drop like the PF boss(who got lucky pick) no time to w8 until u could pick (free for all).Not like at patren boss they see where is the better drop and they go spam near the good item ....
No more who kill pick or delay until every1 could pick...
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This is not a bug.
And yes we will change the drop system to be based on luck on all event mobs.
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