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Fixed Golem of Rage spawn method

How do you want the golem of rage to be spawned?

  • By one of the staff members every day, 2 or 3 times a day?

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Just wanted to say that this is what makes for a great community when Owner and staff take time to ask members what they think about the game and the community issues, keep up the awesome job... ;)
thats a great options to choose, this is a great news for everyone, salute to OGN staff!
Btw how 'bout the garlie? It's a way for newbies to get better gear than the starting gears. Better if garlie was also auto spawn. :)
and maybe make the garlie less hp so that newbies can kill it :D
I gotta agree with this, i know the HP is that huge because of the items dropping from it, but that much HP is dismotivating new beginner players, because even people with endgame gear have to hit it for 5 min to be able to finally kill the garlie.... :speechless:
Ok,we got what we have to do with the Garlie, now stick to what the post was made for :D
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