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Fixed Greatest Suggestions

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Mar 17, 2015
i compiled mine and some suggestions by some players within last week

1. Nerf strong mobs in RD Channel = Even non-donors with +15 Zwei Set barely survive mobs from RD Channel. Non-donors/Newbies even with a party died lol.

2. Increase rare/low quantity drop rate of rd coins/poh in RD Channel = This makes the game boring, 1hour of playing you can ony get 3x lvl.3 POH and 100-110 redeem coins

3. Remove alz drop f rom mobs = this was suggested yesterday by coldblooded thing name Vladimir, but he's got a point.. we have X3 drops but some of them are alz which makes looting quite slow

4. Nerf OP Guardians in TG = Chars like FA,Wi,FB with +15 zwei set gets big damage from guardians, for non-donors it will be a quick death, thats the reason why u dont see non-donors playing TG.

5. Remove POH Restrictions & add POH lvl.3 drop in AT= there will be a time where RD Channel will be crowded with players,

6. Wexp Shop = a must so that players will be addicted to TG and please no Expiration

7. Referral System " Max Invites" = maybe you can make it max 10 or make expiration for early stages. The truth is i invited 4 people but got dissapointed with the gameplay, they quitted and i already used my invites to them, i never been rewarded because they only played like 3days, the 4 of them. Now i cant add invites anymore because my last invite gave me a wrong email address.

8. Weekly Class PVP/GVG Tournament = maybe this can be done if we have many players but worth planning for.

9. SSA/MSA Armor Scrolls = maybe better to put in on shop like VP Shot or Wexp shop.

10. Mobs Spot in RD Channel = EGA did this before in Fort Ruina

11. Add More Ecoin Rewards for Redeeming = to make people addicted in Redeeming lol
Seems this is referring to Redemption so I moved this thread to redemptions section.
We like some of the suggestions.
We will be implementing them in the next update.
The points 1,2,4 and 5 will apply in the next update.
The other points in the next updates.
Not open for further replies.

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