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Fixed Halloween Event

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Event GMOD
Dec 3, 2014
Hello everyone, as the title says I suggest to bring the - Halloween Event - since Official already has it :D If this is not in your program list, i hope you will set it live and wont take too much time to make ^^
My idea is one of the things u have to do is obviously "Collect and Exchange" where u have to buy a "box" or sth else(getting the materials to open the box can be obtained from lanterns, or drop from specific mobs, etc) that drops like: black caps, silver cap, gold cap, crafting materials for choas armors and others, uchh, fchh, pchh, etc. Yes the important ones with low chances of getting them but it would be great :D and other things regarding the usual event to do...
In my opinion this event will help new comers and the ones that play for a while ^^ *(make some parts of this event that can be done by beginners and some parts that test the strenght of the high end players)* - just my opinion ;)

I hope u will take this in consideration or use some of this suggestion and make something else :D

Have a nice day! :)
i think it's a good idea and have some costume event during Halloween!!!
yes yes Halloween is near and I think its time to make some events as a icebreaker in the game
Who would we be if we didnt make an event for halloween xD i suggest u sit tight and wait :p
I think much better make event at forum for how active here and in game hunting Halloween monster..drop a chaos gear 1 day to 2 day exp date
Not open for further replies.

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