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May 16, 2015
Hi, im new in the server, how do i start? i created a BL, but i can not wapr to other town, where should i lvl up? how do i redem?
I've copied the part i've explained to newbies about the server, i do welcome you and hope you will have a great stay with us.

  • You want get your Redeem Rank maxed to 200.

  • Redeem Ranks will be expanded only when there are many players maxed redeemed and also the population did expand way larger, last of all the owners will only decide when the Redeem Ranks will be expanded (i think).

  • You will earn Ccash and common ~ rare items such as epaulets and redeem caps from redeeming, this will be your first priority to make your character stronger before you do the honor, for this please check out the Website and look for the Guide which explains you everything.

Farming Alz:

  • About farming some alz, you can easily farm alz by level your character to max level first and focus after that to the alz you need.
  • After you reached the level, it's time to focus on alz, and the best way to farm is to farm Force Core Highest in Arcane Trance for pretty much a big price each the item, or farm in Nostalgia forest for Achridium parts till your inventory is filled with it, and you will be able to sell it all around 20~40M, Alz farming is not really a big deal anymore... and you will see it yourself.

About the information you need, i suggest you to both check those 2 forum topics out, read everything properly and carefully.

Update / News:


Honor Rank:
  • You want your Honor rank to be max out to rank 20 AFTER you did max out your redeem rank first, so your first focus will be the Redeem Ranks.
  • Honor will be very important for your character in the PvP and PvE ingame.


In this server we have a lot of unique gear which are very needed to achieve endgame.
Implemented by our beloved admins.


  • This is the gear you will be able to farm from Nostalgia forest and this the unique gear that is drop-able in the game, or you can buy it from the Cash Shop on the website, you can earn the epaulet only by REDEEMING, or an player that is wanting to sell it.

Zwei Frame:

  • This gear is only available from the Cash Shop or by a player that did succeed to unbind it or bought it from the cash in a unbind option, this gear is decent for endgame and it is good to use to be able to do hard solo dungeons / party dungeons and farm M.war, also it is very good to farm with in PVE, but you can achieve the epaulet only by REDEEMING rewards or by a player that is wanting to sell it.

Chaos Set:

  • This set is rather new in this server so it's not totally finished yet, you can earn this set by redeeming and farming Redeem caps, the Epaulet & Belt & the set all on one is very good to use for becoming stronger, still there are rumors that players do think Zwei frame is still a bit better, but you need to work hard to get your character fully geared, you can check out the gear out in Green Despair Event Girl Yul to have a look, or check updates in the forum.

Eins Frame:

  • This gear is currently the strongest one with huge set effects, you can buy it from the Cash shop right now or wait till it will be implemented to the drops which are only available from Maquines Outpost which is a hard dungeon in this server and i think myself the Epaulet will only be limited to Redeem rewards only, please do check the update section of the forum to have more information, for endgame your focus will be on this set to be one of the strongest players out there.

Some tips:

  • If you want to be able to farm in the hard parts of the game, you can always make an Defense character from the start to farm with, if you like challenge, you can always use a magic user / low defense character and use some HP steal / HP Absorb.

  • Look for a guild that suits you to play with other players to be able to get some support from them,

  • And you can always ask an Game Master to guide / support you ingame since that's their job, they do lack some Game Masters here, but maybe in the future there will be more GMs.

  • Don't forget that when you vote, you are able to win prices on the forum, so always be up to date with the forum to have a huge push in the back to become stronger, and always take advantage of the events ingame.

  • Always feedback the Owners and the Staff to make the server become better so you and us will have more fun in this community.

  • Never waste your currencies (Ccash / Ecoins / Rewards) on fashion items, always go for the useful items first.

I hope this will be enough info for now, if you need anything else to know, don't forget to use the shoutbox or comment below.

Have a great stay and enjoy playing!
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