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Help with FB.

jose acosta

Sep 12, 2015
Hello. im new to the server my IGN: Darthxs. and im looking for a help with info you can share with me or any help you can give me about FB. Ive seen in the server most of people are just FS and FA... I dont really enjoy playing that classes. ive seen some strong FB but as a begginer have been hard to start farming some decent gear in AT or NF compared on a FS i created just to farm.

What should i base my FB on? i stack Def rate With Dex and HP steal in the jewelry. Crit dmg on weapons but still not eficient

Thank you
I've copied my previous posts and adjusted it to Sword Style.
I hope this will give you some information on what direction to build your Force Blader.

Suit/Gloves/Boots (Chaos):
  • 30% AMP

Helmet (Chaos):

  • 20% DMG / 20% DMG / 20% DMG
  • 10% AMP / 20% DMG / 20% DMG.

  • Chaos belt of Fighter.
  • Belt of Damp +4.


  • Both Chaos Guardian and Fighter.
  • Epaulet of Fighter X / Epaulet of Guardian X

Weapons (Blade) (Chaos)

  • 60% DMG w/ 7% AMP in slot.
  • 30% AMP w/ 15% DMG in slot.

Weapons (Crystal) (Chaos)
  • 60% DMG w/ 7% AMP in slot.
  • 30% AMP w/ 15% DMG in slot.

  • 14% Rcr / 50% Res. AMP
  • 35% DMG.


  • 10% Resist Critical Rate Pet.
  • 20% Cr.DMG Pet.
  • 10% Max Critical Rate Pet.
How about awaken weapons for fb? What craft I better cdi or outra?
I'd suggest you CDI craft, 1 CDI slot and 2 AMP slots

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