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How begin with a wizard?


Jun 6, 2015
Hi. Im... noob

I started with a wizard. I only use mb3 because raise def

Well, i dont know if only do the redeems until reach to buy the chaos set. Im leveling in nostalgia forest to farm some of gold and buy the chaos pieces from a player.

Is a good place to lvl? or first i must farm accs or something else?
Actually, i dont know nothing about the game, but like me a lot xd
Wizard is not for starters, you should start w/ a high def characters if ur still a newbie. FA/WI is for late gamers
Farm limitless equipments on Nostalgia Map, Arcane trance for HOnor points / Redeem coins.
which would be an easy char with good def?

i know can be a hard question, but im very lost now
Starting as a Wi is pretty difficult due the low defense of the character, but you could try to focus on having tons of HP Absorb and Defense Rate, That's how i survived with my wizard through pretty hard dungeons and maps, but if you don't have any gear to start with i suggest you to create an new character with more Defense like DIGS told you so, create a character such as Blader, Warrior, or Force Shielder because with those characters you can pretty much make a lot of Alz to gear up your wizard to play with in the future.
blader, warrior or force shielder.
OKEY, ill try the FS

Begin again, but still is very fun,im loveling this game
blader, warrior or force shielder.
OKEY, ill try the FS

Begin again, but still is very fun,im loveling this game
It's good to hear that you like the server, if you have anything you want to share with like feedback or suggestion, please do so for the sake of the server to create it more friendly and fun for incoming players!

Anyhow, enjoy the server as much as you can! :)
in the forum says that the info of yul events is in the webpage, but i searched and i didnt find. where is exactly?

that is my last question at the moment =)

There at the top right under logout/login

jajaajaj, im blind!!!

thanks Digs, Saint and Jaybolty =)
Not a problem.

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