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Dec 20, 2014
1. Custom Titles
Honor title give resist , i think would be an idea to add some custom titles:
I think it can be implemented in an inovative way.

  • 1 Title which will give some Exp , Axp , Pet Exp
  • 1 Title will give some Hp ,Atk ,M atk ,Def , max hp steal , Hp steal, Amp, something similar with Gm buff of course with resonable stats.

2. vCoins Shop

My suggestion is to change and add some items to vcoins shop:
That costumes from vCoins shop should be permanent and maybe can add few more ,
maybe some weapon costume as well [ My opinion about this Adding system is
something like after you add some new costumes in eCoin shop you can add some old
costume in vCoins shop]

  • Blessing Bead - Warehouse (no.4) - Duration 7 days
  • Return Core - Duration 7 days
  • Inexhaustible HP / MP Potion (lv.3) [ lvl 4 Potion from N shop should give 1200 HP , i don't think is too much]
  • Agent Shop Coupon

3. Vote Rewards & Vote Bonuses
Top voters reward
I think this could be added, i don't think is too much.

  • Group 1 of winners - 3 extra Gambler Spins
  • Group 2 - 2 extra spins
  • Group 3 - 2 extra spins
  • Group 4 - 1 extra spin
  • Group 5 - 1 extra spin

Vote bonuses

  • If you vote at least 120 times per month will receive some extra vCoins.

4. Lottery Event System
As you already did a great job with Gambler Wheel i think this might be something fun as well.
This event could be monthly.

  • Available numbers: 1 to 25
  • Rule: 5 out of 25
  • you can choose for free 5 numbers but if you want to increase your chances you can choose up to 9 numbers.
  • Each extra number will cost 40 eCoin.
  • Will be 2 Draws, first draw is for free but if you want to increase your chances you can participate at the 2th draw in exchange of 50 eCoin.

1 number - 40 eCoin + 1 extra Gambler spin
2 numers - 150 eCoin + 1 extra Gambler spin
3 numbers - 300 eCoin + 2 extra Gambler spins
4 numbers - 400 eCoin + 3 extra Gambler spins
5 numbers - 550 eCoin + 4 extra Gambler spins

5. Custom Pets

I know this is not something important but maybe in the future you will choose some.
I think would be fun to have one of this.

  • Lich Rigel
  • Vampire Rigel
  • Rigel
  • Dark Jin
  • Elder Lich
  • Patren
  • Fortress Guardian(Procyon)
  • Fortress Guardian(Capella)
  • MF-03 Drei Frame
  • MF-01 Eins Frame
  • MF-02 Zwei Frame
  • NPC black bard
  • NPC Yuan
  • NPC Rin
  • Succubus
  • Incubus
  • Demonic Alis
  • K'enith of Chaos and Darkness
  • NPC Rasya
  • NPC Ahyidereun

P.S. - Everything that was related above can be changed ,adjusted , improved

Thank you for reading!
Good suggestions was about to open a thread about the eCoins/wExp shops but guess i might as well type here :

80% of the eCoins shops are pretty much useless .. i mean who actually buy entries with ecoins ? none
The one with pets/costumes as well is just meh ... even if you increased the ecoins gained through voting now it still takes time to gather hundreds/thousands of them so none buy those pets when you can easily run a few ft and get your moley/invader.Same goes for costumes,why should people spend coins to get 15d stuff ? :\
The only usefull things bought are exp beads,ap/dp savers and remote shop/wh cars,the rest is mostly just taking dust there so you could either add/replace something or tweaking the prices imo.

Kinda on the same boat there are the wExp ones : all those 15d osm sets are snobbed (and it's plain right since you won't go anywhere with osm)
rest of the stuff got absurd prices just like those aops,earrings and bracelets,why would anyone spend that much wExp over those ? which are also temporary .. same goes for cores,epaulets & gift boxes and don't make me talk about dat board xD
Bought things here prolly are only the unique elements rest can easily be replaced with whatever you want

(i don't really have ideas about what to put inside both ecoins/wexp shops btw but i just feel they're completly wasted atm that's it)
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