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Jul 19, 2015
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A New Guild is reborn... This guild.... aims to achieve many goals.. such us to become the best guild in this (hopefully), and second is to provide happy environment to all guild mates... and the most important is the we should help one another this guild is free for all low level players can still join and we are happy to help them....
if you have any question i am happy to help you (depends on my vacant time when there is no class because im still a student)

Guild Information:
Guild Leader Name: Primo
Guild Leader Class: Warrior
Guild Level: 1(Still New Guild Where Looking for Members)
Guild Policy:
*Once Accepted in the Guild please reply to this post your
IGN:(In game Name)
* Please Minimize quarrels in the guild to be able to maintain the good environment.
We Are Waiting for you Guys................Lets Party.........................

For your Information:
If there is a member who cannot understand your local language please speak english....
Nice to see new guild being created with a good aim, hope all goes well for you and that your guild is a success :) Looks very good from just reading this post, I can see you will be a good leader. :D
Thanks for the like guys............ hope to see you in the game :) i hope this guild will grow more so far only me and my cousin are member we are just waiting for any whispers.....because we don't want to force players to join in our guild ill just let them decide on what guild they want to choose.........for the reason that we grow in a democratic country we have the freedom to choose what we want..... any way thanks again for the like
happy gaming for you :)!!!!!

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hahaha taga Cagayan De Oro City Brad....................:) ikaw brad taga din ka ? ........ apil sa among guild ba i pm lang ko kai online ko taman mga 12 sa gabii ........ gi na para enjoy pud ba :).....................

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hehe Iloilo q. may guild ko ako leader ka pinoy guild :p
maan. huod ako leader hehe. d kamo samon haw?
madami na ba kayo jan kami mga apat palang tinatamad pa ako makipag chat ala nman kasi sumasagut hehehehehe :) may taga malaysia pa na naligaw hehehhe :) pero ok lang...... binenta nya pa yung mga armor nya na stating yung +15 lahat nun tapos ang sinuot yung color orange ang pangalan ng armor yun napupulot lang :)

View attachment 380 just sharing:) More powers for cabal redemption....
Good luck with the new guild.
I hope it will be a huge success.
This kind of guild's i respect alot, i love to see new players that support a fun and freindly enviorment.

I really hope i it will grow and be one of the leading guild in the server.
I wish all the luck in the world, have fun with it :)

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