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Fixed Make a ccash shop NPC on bi

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Jun 21, 2015
Idk if this good idea or no but I hope the admin can make . since the ccash vouchers can't use in this server.. How about open a NPC shop ccash. And the system saleing like AH but no text. the ccash we need to registered from site and its will show at ccash shop NPC..

I hope this idea not to much.;)
that is not a good idea, i think the cc vouchers are the best solution but for now we can't use them.
u have any idea for sale ccash.. cc voucher are 100% cant use in this server.. its can make allot of trouble..i think this ccash shop npc is simple only,player have register from site how much ccash they wan to sale and the price in alz.. and w8 player to buy their ccash in game. they can collect any time the alz no more shout for sale ccash. and i think its more save
that wont do any good in my opionion then to complicate the game even more. the best idea is the usage of vouchers when the client will be updated and they will be safe to use .
Not open for further replies.

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