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Mission War Changes


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Oct 19, 2014
The World
Greetings Nevarethians,
Today we are here to bring some more tweaks to the Mission War.

Starting with the next Mission War the following will apply:
  • Alz bonus for total and personal expenses has been changed.
    Now the following bonuses will apply:
    • Winning Nation players receive 15% of the total expenses
    • Top 10% of ranked players from the Winning Nation will receive an extra 5% of the total expenses
    • Defeated nation will no longer receive alz bonuses for the personal or total war expenses
  • HP Multiplier was highered to x16 (previously x10) to compensate the lost HP and the higher damage for classes
  • Portable Panels can no longer be stacked close to each other or to non portable panels. There is a maximum limit of 1 per each area of roughly 4x4 coordinates.

We are working on more, interesting changes, that we will announce and activate a little bit later, so stay tuned and enjoy the new Mission War changes!

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