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Dec 2, 2014
Iloilo, [PH]
@ bracket 170-200

the guardians attack is a lil bit OP, i thnk it need to deduct like 15% dmg same as in def. the HP percentage is good.
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I would like to hear more opinions from others too about this.
Thank you.
I like the idea, but also don't.
Why? Because Nation war like this is based on parties nation war 20vs20, and not many people are just 180+ yet, so i think we first should wait for the other players being leveled out and look if they are going in nation war, if not, increase the w.exp/honor rewards to let players go more often, but the S/M/L guardians are okay for 20vs20 Nation war, this needs time to see if people are joining or not. :p ;) (my opinion).

I say lower it by 5%

Less players in NW:
Also compared to Glory Plates most people find Nation War useless to go, as they can earn easily a bigger amount of honor in dungeons than just 48k (100 w.exp) in 1 hour Nation war because dungeons only take 10~40 min.. so it's not attracting people at all to go Nation War anymore due Glory Plates bigger amounts.. Also EOD B3F gives 50k honor... So i think Cykros should change that aswell because people are really wanting more honor now for their bracelets + donator bracelets and maybe lower damage of the Legacy Guardians later, (hope not the lowering attack of guardians will affect the redeem channel).
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Redeem channel mob stats are separate then the NW.
I will take this in consideration.
The Guardians attack was reduced with 7%.
On the next server update we will set it live for you to test.
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