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My Old Account


Feb 1, 2015
Any Staff,
Please check my old account user: ymlarry. I was a donator this account but when I reclaim it I got only 2K ecoins,,How about my donated?Do I get additional ecoins for it?

USER: lp0okm
IGN: Bulwark (FS)
Old eCoins reclaim:
  • All accounts that were active since 01.10.2014 and had a minimum of 2 weeks play time will be able to get a starting bonus of 2000 eCoins(20 euro).
  • All donator accounts since 01.10.2014 will be able to get back 50% of the total eCoins they donated for (It's 50% because the eShop prices were reduced down to 60%).
  • If you can't claim any eCoins from your old account it means that it does not satisfy the requirements, meaning the account was banned or inactive and there is nothing we can do about it.

    If you donated starting October 01, 2014 you'll receive a 50% refund on your donation. But if not then there will be no refunds.
I dont know the date when I donated..But if my donation is refunded in time I reclaim,is it automatically recieved with the free 2K? Just checking and confirming..Thanks to reply even my donation does not reach in requirement..
If you donated starting October 01, 2014 it will automatically refund your donation with 2k e-coins. But seems like you didn't reach the requirements to refund your old donation. And also about making this kinds of thread it should be posted in support ;)

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