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need your help everyone


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Mar 4, 2015
need help everyone that encounter this kind of error, i need your answers
i tried running it in admin but the error, connection error, pops out.
Make sure you have no anti virus running and make sure your firewall is not blocking any connections to the server, if this continues you can try the manual patch found on the website under downloads.
Sorry to say but it does not look like a connection error. If it was a connection error you would still be able to load the client but not start the game. What it looks like is something is blocking the client from loading files, usually this is caused by the Antivirus or Malware protection program. Try reloading the client and updates with the Antivirus off or make an exception for the entire Redemption folder with the Antivirus program. If this does not help then on the client window try clicking on check files just below the start button. This usually repairs any bad and missing file that you may have at the moment.
May this help and good luck solving your issue.
its ok now :D thanks for the replies.im not using any av and my pc is clean from malware. I downloaded the client again and the patch,now i can play again :)
He did ask for the answers from the players, which is totally okay :idletiger:

Also the General section is used for ''anything related to redemption''

Anyhow, it's solved already.

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