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New Redemption


Dec 21, 2014
i just wanna say about server for now so and damn so boring :)
nothing interesting at all...
yeah it's true no one force me to play but soon i'll quit and i just quit rite??XD
tq for let me play this server hope the owner make a good update and make more fun server for donator and free user.for you maybe my post not important but i post here just want to tell what i feel about this new server and server system really disappoint me.that's all cy :)
We are sorry to hear that you don't like the current updates but also we are disappointed to see that lack of interest in suggesting what to change and what do you think will bring more fun to the server.
need more updates.and especially need kits stylist -.- .need more easier than now...
Saying "need more updates" is not very helpful, instead suggest what you want to see, then maybe we can help make your gameplay experience better :) Try and be more specific.
In my opinion when someone suggests more updates without any specific detail it's because they them selves are not sure what they want. It's more of a feeling of better game play I believe is what they are asking for but not sure what to improve to make it so, with this said if I may suggest to all:
Before posting a suggestion or comment either make a mental note or write down what parts of the game are disappointing. Once you are sure your list is complete then try and refine it to things that are do able, in other words don't ask for everything under the sun. After refining you are ready to post a list of your suggested detail which is what the staff is requesting.
May this help and happy gaming...:rolleyes:

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