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Fixed Piece of Prideus and Sienna bracelet

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Oct 23, 2015
Hi there...
I've started farming sienna now and would like to ask you if you can make this pieces an acc bound or acc bound and char bind free... Well it will be great if it possible...

Love lots,
drichtonwise :D

How do you think it will benefit the server and the players the same time?
When you suggest something you have to come with good arguments if you want it to be implemented.
How this suggestion benefit the server and the players?
Well for me, whenever im farming, I make sure evrything is organized including drops in my inventory...
If the player would like to put it in there warehouse and either use it in other character... maybe it will be useful coz it can store in their warehouse.
Well a full unbinded pieces is not good... the reason? i am sure most of the player will use this to farm alz...

Its just my suggestion....

Love lots,
drichtonwise :D

If u actually spend gold caps (unique elements) on any kind of armor/acessories it should be account binded and not character binded like any other Chaos items. It's not a bad idea, but wont really help sienna's bracelets to be more useful since it needs super big luck to get at least as good bracelets as BoS+7 slotted.
I agree what they say.. Much batter if player can add to wherehouse so all character can use it and this bracelet are very rare and its only luck to get perfect craft... Why don't make the player enjoyed their hardwork a little bit
And now let me explain why we don't want them to be account bound or unbound.
This items are unique accessories like the Tempus Ring and Awakened Leth Tyrant!
This items are meant to be worked for with every character you have.
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