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PVP Event (5th July 2015) FINISHED

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Dec 2, 2014
Dragons lair
PVP Event 5th July 2015

Been a while since the last PVP Event and this time I want to have less restriction than the previous, hopefully this time those who have worked hard for their items will earn something out of it. (You can use your title!)


Location: The location for this PVP event will be in Desert scream CH7

Rounds: Normal matches will consist of 3 rounds (first to 2 wins) Semi-Finals will consist of 5 rounds (first to 3 wins) and the final will consist of 7 rounds (first to 4 wins)

Time: The event will be happening at 16:00 / 4:00PM server time

How to join: If you are interested in joining this PVP event simply reply to this thread with the following format. Please do this as soon as possible so I can set things up properly

Character name:

Class: (e.g. Archer)

If for some reason you have said you are going to join but then suddenly can’t join please send me a PM (Jaybolty) and I will sort it out.

Rules (In brackets is what happens if you do not follow it)

1. Each person who enters may only use one character (disqualification for both characters)

2. Fade, Dash and Blink cannot be used. (Round loss)

3. Party buffs and or buffs from other characters other than your own are NOT allowed (Asked to remove/Round loss)

4. No battle modes / Aura (Round loss)

5. No potions are allowed to be used (Round loss)

6. No debuffs (again sorry force bladers :cry:)(Round loss)

7. Listed below are skills you can't use plainly because it makes the pvp very one sided (Round loss)

8. Have fun! (Sadness)

The following skills can NOT be used


  • Art of Shout
  • Bloody Spirit
  • Bear's Vitality
  • Cat's Recovery
  • Fury Shout
  • Morale Shout
  • Instant Immunity
  • Panic Cry
  • Dash
  • Fade Step


  • Intense Blade
  • Field of Fear
  • Art of Fierceness
  • Intuition
  • Instant Immunity
  • Resist Barrier
  • Dash
  • Fade Step


  • Raise Spirit
  • Art of Force Control
  • Spirit Shield
  • Mass Restore
  • High Regeneration
  • Blink
  • Dash
  • Fade Step

Force Archer

  • Art of Sniping
  • Quick Move
  • Mass Heal
  • Art of Healing
  • Greater Heal
  • Lower Defense
  • Blind
  • Dash
  • Fade Step

Force Shielder

  • Art of Defense
  • Reflex Shield
  • Shadow Shield
  • Mortal Bane
  • Heal
  • Dash
  • Fade Step

Force Blader

  • Mana Freeze
  • Field of Enervation
  • Field of Execration
  • Elemental Enchant
  • Darkness
  • Art of Curse
  • Hard Luck
  • Execration
  • Enervation
  • Lower Defense
  • Guard Break
  • Blind
  • Dash
  • Fade Step


1st - 100 million honor potion & blessing bead 200% (duration 5 days)

2nd - 75 million honor potion & blessing bead 200% (duration 3 days)

3rd - 50 million honor potion & blessing bead 200% (duration 1 day)

Win at least 1 fight - Blessing bead 200% (duration 12 hours)

Any position - Blessing bead 200% (duration 6 hours)

Event Grid
Direct link: here

I look forward to see you all at the event, have fun!
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Character name: Popskie
Class: Force Archer
Character: Gyrd4fearX
Class: Force Archer
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