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Rate Bonuses

Which rates booster you prefer?

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Oct 19, 2014
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Greetings Nevarethians!

We want to announce our ideas and our current solution for the rate bonuses.
As in our recent updates we disabled the base multiplier of rates to avoid issues in some cases, we transformed all bonuses that are % based to compensate the lowered base rates and even boost some of them to compensate the no longer active weekend rates booster.

We agreed, that for now we will implement something temporarily, to see how it works and if it will cause issues and if so, we will change it as needed.
From now on the booster will always be active and will higher the base rates with a lower value (since all % based bonuses will stay as they are), however, it will be on a rotation and will change weekly.
The first booster we activate is the Alz Rate. Alz Rate is changed from x400 to x450.

Our secondary option that we discussed, was to keep the bonuses weekend only and boost all of them as previously, but via the Premium Service Free and Premium Service Gold. This would essentially transform premium services during the weekend, and provide different, even higher bonuses as they do now without messing the base rates, potentially causing weird bugs to appear.

We would also like to hear your opinion about what would you prefer, having weeklong bonuses but only 1 rate boosted weekly or weekend only bonuses, where all are boosted but only for 2 days.

Both have their pros and cons, both for the players and for us, but we are open to changes so I will leave a poll here and lets vote about it :)

Thats all for now.
Stay tuned for more ;)
Good idea, as for feedback about weeklong vs weekly here is my personal input:

As a fan of manual gameplay instead of afk activities I prefer one very good bonus cumulated on weekend that rewards me for playing the game when i can grind Cabal entire day and progress my character than random weeklong bonuses that I will mostly avoid because of work etc.
Weeklong please , i permanently work sat + sundays

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