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Fixed Redem Rewards

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Aspect of Death
Professional Enchanter
Aug 24, 2015
Hellow. Overlooking the fact, that there are alot of fail rewards on redems like "chaos core x1" , etc etc, I would like to give my personal feedback about these redem rewards. In 415+ redems i got 2 times reward Gold Cap (before upd ofc), and 1 time Unique Element. The thing is ... if there is not a realistic chance (3rewards/400redems) of getting those Unique Elements you can just remove them completely to get it over with. Dont make us work/hope for smthing near imposible to achive. Thx
PS (~200redems before Uniq element upd, and ~200 after, so its a balanced statistic)
would like for other players to share thier oppinions, maybe im just unlucky
80% of the rewards i got from redeeming was chaos piece and 1 basic element... just once in my 150 rdms i got 5 unique elements so yeah rewards % chance realy suck is not just you...
Guess it's the same for everyone,hundreds of redeems here as well and 2-3 times got stuff from the "red zone" :\ plain ridiculous .. just like the fact that at 210+ the cash you get instead of increase decrease and the alz needed indeed gets higher and higher lol
And don't make me talk about the rewards on the latest ranks xD
its true, GMs should review reward system, for a newbie its even worse dark forest..
Thx for replays, waiting for other to do the same thing, to get Admin's attention :)
Theres a reason why its color is red, it means its super rare, u should be super damn lucky to get the highest price which is reasonable. One thing is bad about the redeem system (which is super frustrating i admit it) is the 1x Chaos Piece reward. E.g when u redeem for 1300 coins and 250M alz, and in in exchange u get a chaos piece is annoying. I get it that it means bad luck, but at least make its % the same as unique elements or just remove it. Getting this reward 3-5 times out of 10 is meh.
The chaos piece number was increased.
As for the items that are rare to get, is how it should be.
No on forces anyone to redeem or not redeem.
You do it for a chance of getting a free item if you want so.
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