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Regarding Kal Purgatory and staff Inactivity

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The Dev that never released his server.
Apr 26, 2015
As Promised i got some closure for the remaining players whos still playing on our Purgatory Server
i have been in contact with Prometheus regarding the matter and im now speaking on their behalf

They have recently been hit by the worst thing in the world called Reality, a dear friend of Abbadon has past away,and the rest of the staff also has some major personal issues that they need to have fixed before they can once again return and do their job here.

with that said, im happy to announce that the server will continue to live and once all the staffs issues has been settled they will come back stronger than ever with a server overhaul and a lot of new features as they have recieved new server files that allows them to have the server more up to date. so to those whos looking for closure this is what Prometheus has told me.

So Hang on it will be worth it ;)

Kind Regards.
Kal Purgatory Staff Team
Not open for further replies.

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