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Regarding OGN Downtime

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Apr 26, 2015
Hello fellow players, we're sorry about the server being down, for the time being we suggest you find something to do, we solved the issue once and thought it was fixed however the problem came back within 10 minutes of the server being brought back up.

The Server will remain unstable until further notice, this post will be updated whenever we got new information regarding the server's status

for now the root of the problem has not been identified and therefore we cant give you an ETA on when the server will go back to normal

Hang on tight everyone this could get a bit bumpy :)

Update: 21-08-2015 18:53
The Server is back online and we will continue with the scheduled events for this weekend
the server may still go down if we face any further issues so please be aware that the next couple of hours/days means the server may go down or become unstable in one way or another.

The server is being live monitored by the admins in case the problem appears once again.

Update: 22-08-2015 16:06
The live monitoring has given us good results so far, and for each crash we will only get closer to resolving the issue

Status: we're making good progress on solving the random crashes but its not over yet.

Update: 22-08-2015 23:55

Until the crashing issue is fixed 100% the drops will remain at x3 on all channels
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