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Fixed Saint's Forcecalibur, not so good, not so bad but once every...

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Jun 6, 2015
The buff of the weapon is not bad, but only works in party. Because u cant change the weapon after buff

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And the weapon, is not good. i do more 2k, 3k more of dmg with my weapons, and arent +15. Testing better do mor or less the same dmg. so upgrading the weapons, the forcalibur is worse

so... personally, is not useful, and i have few time in the server like to say my weapons are full

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If the weapon has a limit of 7 days, and is from an event, where is a low chance of win it. maybe could have a bit more of attack, and the buff gives more defense. And everyone, even doners and old playesr will say " I WONNN"


So, would be good add more damage and defense, to be useful to oneself and do dungeons a bit less hard, or stuffs like that

tryng now, i can change weapons, so would be very useful add defense to buff. but still im speaking about change weapon, because is not good the excalibur
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aaa, yes, u can change the weapon!! well, with more reason will be good add more defense
We will adjust the weapon to be more strong.
Indeed the weapons should be very good considering its a temp 1 week weapon and unique.
In today's update we will apply the new values of this weapon.
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