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Fixed Server EXP Rate

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Mar 17, 2015
the current exp rate for a reborn/redeem server is too low
i tried my best to gather all my friends to come back playing here
they are very happy with some changes but still redeeming is too HARD
how can we get those "Chaos Set" if redeeming is hard and the reward is a single Black CAPS every redeem
yes it is said its "Random" reward but its like 0.000001% chance for the Gold Cap LOL
and yet owners rewarded top voters "too much" Gold Coins thats makes hte game unbalance now
you still not sure if someone from those winners has 2 accounts, he got 200 golds voila
what will happen is those 5/10 top voters you rewarded with 100 golds will only stay in the server
donators cant buy those Chaos Set in real money and Non-donators have a hard time redeeming

Heres my suggestions:

1. If you guys want to stick with the current redeem rewards, will you please lower the price for each Chaos parts??

2. If you guys want to stick with the current EXP will you please make the reward 1 Gold Coin for each redeem?? or just make it 2 Random rewards like 5 Black caps or 1 Gold Coin?? Because we spent 3 hours from 190 to 200 for a single redeem and we only got 1 Black Cap and an upgrade core?? lol

3. EXP increase / Blessing Bead 100% exp / High EXP channel

4. Make Tempus Ring non-bind, finding a party member takes a lot of time from beginners

We all have the same goal, we want this server to rise again, we need more players,concentrate more on beginners needs
Not open for further replies.

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