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Stability Improvement & Others


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Oct 19, 2014
The World
Greetings Nevarethians!

As we previously announced, we are working on the disconnect issues and we have done some tweaking, but it is not yet final.
However, we will monitor it after todays short maintenance to further improve it.

Some more changes will be applied in this maintenance.

Peddler Unon:
  • All dungeon entries available for Alz only
  • Labyrinth, Devils Tower and Devils Tower (Part 2) will have a fixed price of 10,000,000 Alz and there will be no more limit on them with vCoins
  • Bulk buy was enabled for all dungeon entries available at Peddler Unon
  • Note: Required items such as the Dragon Jewel and the AP 100 items were removed from Secret Dealer Hirogley, since they are no longer needed
The remote shop was also updated to have the Labyrinth, Devils Tower and Devils Tower (Part 2) entries for 500 eCoins each

Secret Dealer Hirogley:
  • Force Gem Pieces that were previously obtainable are renamed to Faded Force Gem Pieces
  • They can be exchanged with a 1:1 ratio at Hirogley for the new Force Gem Pieces (1 to 1 and 100 to 100 exchange available)
  • We implemented a new type of Force Gem Piece that allows stacking the items up to 999

The Collection System was previously updated and is now in full effect, rewarding the new type of Force Gem Pieces for every item consumed.

That is all for now!
Have fun and stay tuned for more ;)
Updated first post with correct price of the Labyrinth, Devils Tower and Devils Tower (Part 2) entry items.
Hello, what time War is it at 20.00, 24.00 and 8am?

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