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Refused TG War Cubes

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Jan 20, 2015
Kindly include additional reward from joining TG aside from the B/S/G CAPS:
Chaos crafting items.

For example, when openning the cube, we can obtain both caps and chaos crafting items at the same time. Just to populate TG, now that Chaos gears has to be obtained via different means.
i like the idea but knowing them.. it wont happen
I like the idea, sounds like something that will really make Tg big.

Might work something out :)
For obtaining chaos equips in relation to the suggestion above:

OGN might as well consider other alternatives to lessen if not to remove the burden or hunting at a very challenging AC dungeon.
1. As above chaos crafting items as a reward at TG. Please be informed that the only fun part for all is TG so it needs to be tempting to join in.
2. Can be looted from bosses of each dungeon in every maps but ofc in a limited amount. Therefore, old and new players alike can spam dungeons other than that from AC.
Just keep the Epaulets and belts at AC, slotted or not. At least they are already geared up when entering AC in the future after completing their desired chaos sets.
3. Crafting items can be bought from NPCs, by WExp/ ecoins or even alz.

You see, not everyone can form a good party especially newbies. There is always discrimination and most cannot survive or finish the AC dungeon. Neither do am i, even with my set is having a difficult time organizing a good party as well.

We need some other alternatives just to keep the blood flowing in the game. But these alternatives may come at a greater prize but eventually it will work out for everyone at the end.

definetly something to consider :) i'll make sure this suggestion get forwarded maybe we can see an implementation of this when the crafting system goes live :) that is if the admins agree
Thank you for the suggestions. Some were already planned and we will definitely implement some of the above as well.
I can't give exact information yet but personally I like the TG reward and the WExp shop idea.
If there is any wild chance, it will be a great way to boost TG attendance is for guardians or base tower to drop Chaos Crafting Items as well at a minimal drop rate ;). As of now, guardians only drops alz which inadequate.
Free loot and not only those with strongest damage will be able to pick it up.
That will not unfair to newbie if loote drop count from dmg ..
I think from redeeming also add the item crafting chaos set..
We will implement this but first we need to think it very well so we wont destroy the game play.
The war system will be totally changed soon so this suggestion will be rejected.
Prepare for Seasonal War System.
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