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Mar 8, 2015
Hi to all
first of all i want to say thanks for NF Update, we newbies can have better set to at least deal with strong mobs
i would like to suggest the following:

1. POH Restriction/Drops = imo theres no need to restrict poh drops
a. players will be turned-off for the difficulty for hr20, theres multiple pservers that made HR20 quite easy
b. Redemption is known for Option-Wise PVP (item customizer), if hr20 is not that hard Bi pvp will be great again, current setting for POH Drops/Restriction makes players waste their time farming.
c. i know some ppl will disaggree because they work hard before BUT they have to sacrifice to make this server populated again.
d. not all ppl joining NW are for farming honors, they do it for fun.

2. NW Guardians
a. i have a limitless battleset+15 but guardians still deals big damage on my char, nerfing it a little is abig help for non-donors

3. Events such as PVP Event for each class, GVG Event

4. Redeem Channel mobs deals big damage pls nerf it a little

5. Referral System = i dunno if theres prob but i invite 3 players, they played for 1 week but still i dont get any ecoin rewards

6. EP12 Buffs - some servers already has it, and OGN can have it too

7. Pls make a poll for every server changes, some suggestions made by certain players in forum made this server a low rate, ppl quits bcause of that. OLD Redemption settings is grteat but they lack in events thats why ppl got bored. Donators makes the server alive but non-donors makes the server grow.
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Most of your suggestions are already being on our to do list.
Thank you for the suggestion anyway.
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