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United We Stand


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Oct 20, 2014
Dear Cabal World Community,

For the past nine years, we have been on an incredible journey together, navigating the highs and lows of our shared passion. We have faced challenges, celebrated victories, and built a community that stands strong and resilient. Today, we find ourselves facing one of our most significant challenges yet, with the recent leak of Episode 31 files and the monopolization of the content.

Throughout the years, we've shown our dedication and capability as developers, working tirelessly to maintain a long-term server that you can all enjoy. This moment may test our resolve, but it also serves as a reminder of who we are as a community. We are not easily swayed or disheartened; we rise to the occasion, no matter how tough the circumstances.

I must admit, there were moments when I considered giving up. Yet, after taking some time to reflect, I realized that giving up is the easy way out, and that's not who we are. We have never been ones to take the easy path; instead, we face adversity head-on.

So, we pledge to keep working diligently, even if the results may not be immediately visible. Our goal is to offer you the best content and experiences possible while we prepare our server source to be live-ready for Episode 31. We want you all to enjoy the latest game episode and client, knowing that we are giving it our all to make it happen.

In these trying times, your support means more than ever. We ask that you share this message with your friends who play the game and encourage them to join us. Together, we will overcome these challenges and emerge stronger as a community.

Thank you for your loyalty and belief in us. We will not give up, and we look forward to what the future holds.

With gratitude and determination,

Cabal.World Team
Never lost faith for 1 single second ! At the end of the day how can you loose faith in somone who actualy listens to reason and their comunity
how can we promote the server when lag problems still exist in sea region? we told you about this a couple of months before

stop listening to those selfish donators
Hard to promote Bias Game who only listen to those selfish donator that only care about themselves. And making such changes and make the more far from what what you are looking for in ep31. Stats are broken skill effects are broken. Lag to sea player that every single day we encounter but no action at all. For the whole day we play i play 20hours a day. Just to catch up but if you are really thinking to make thos back to where we were before? Think about it think about your staffs are making. Imbalance. Being rude to player who supports your game. I dont feel shock if itll come to an end soon i can sense it every single player a top player especially in caps side one by one sailing away to the server because of imbalances and being bias just sayin. Its not thoughts cuz this is fact as i can watch the server. Inch by inch to tremble
Dear Cabal World team,

Thank you for the honest and inspiring message.

This community has faced challenges before, and come out stronger.

We, the players, understand that good things take time. We're willing to be patient as you prepare the server source for Episode 31. The most important thing is knowing you're working hard to bring us the latest content while maintaining a stable server.

Together, we can overcome these hurdles and keep Cabal World thriving.

Thank you for your dedication and determination. We, the community, stand with you.

:h::h::h: 💪💪💪 🌈🌈🌈
We welcome you to open a server and show us how to do this business, POGI.
EkalamOsus I have already saved the files you uploaded, I deleted the thread as this section is not for reports.

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