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Update 10-August-2023


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Oct 19, 2014
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Greetings, Nevarethians!
We are proud to announce our newest changes and updates to Cabal World! Read on to discover all the latest additions!

Gladiator Rage System Update
  • We are delighted to introduce the highly anticipated Gladiator Rage System.
  • Gladiator abilities will now be influenced by the accumulated rage metrics.
  • Some abilities are designed to generate rage, while others will deplete it.
  • Certain abilities will offer enhanced attacks, depending on the current rage levels of a character.
  • For detailed specifications, kindly refer to the in-game skill descriptions and tooltips.
Passive Skills Enhancement
  • We've refined all passive skills to closely align with the official values, making necessary conversions where an exact match wasn't feasible.
  • The Piercing Shield passive is now universally applied and is not distinguished between Gladiator and Warrior/Force Shielder classes.
  • Prior versions of the Piercing Shield skill for Gladiators have been deprecated. Gladiators may now acquire the updated version.
  • We are also introducing extended skill levels for passives.
  • Each class now boasts passive skills that can be elevated to level 20.
  • Every starting town will house a specialization NPC pertinent to the respective classes.
  • Skill books for extended passive levels can be acquired using DP from these NPCs.
Buff Skills Adjustments
  • GM Blessings have been harmonized to reflect official metrics.
Honor Point System Modifications
  • We've enhanced the WEXP exchange mechanism in Port Lux, allowing players to accrue double or even more Honor Points during a WEXP exchange.
  • The configuration of the Cube of Honor has been adjusted at Peticia in Port Lux. It now ensures a fixed quantity of Honor Points at a revised price and includes a slim possibility of obtaining a higher value.
  • A new addition to the vCoin shop is the Potion of Honor, available at YUL in Bloody Ice.
  • In the bazaar, Honor Potions listed under Usables -> Potions are now purchasable using both main and bonus ecoins, whereas it was previously restricted to main ecoins only.
We have made the decision to disable Channel 5, but we are excited to announce that we have extended the slots on all other channels for an even better experience!

Stay tuned, we are preparing more exciting content and an update to the collection system as well!

P.S.: We have received the information that some items are not applying properly some stats and we are investigating. We will report back once we found the cause of it.
Thank you for your patience!
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kibdly check have some bug about mcr and cri stock...specially on bike..rate on bike limits and also mcr on bike limits also...pls check if there is no changes about bike stats..why other rate anf mcr of bike dont stock..
Can we have a spreadsheet of the new passive stats for better comparisson?
Fix has been released for the visual bug of stats. Please restart the game client via the launcher so it fetches the required files and the stat displays will be corrected!
Also when do the updates of the custom weapons roll out ?

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