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Update 12.08.2015

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Oct 19, 2014
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New Features:
  • WEXP Shops were added in Bloody Ice
    • t3TeTc3.png
    • ro9ErzW.png
    • AL9awsF.png
  • Added Enchant Safeguard Highest in the Cube of Enchant (Highest) at DP Exchange NPC Peticia
    • fFuyi79.png
  • DP Exchange NPC Peticia, Cube of Enchant (Highest) randomizer rates has been increased
  • DP Exchange NPC Peticia Upgrade Core (High) has been removed from Cube of Enchant (Highest)
  • Cube of Enchant (Highest) now contains the following items:
    • Perfect Core(Highest)
    • Perfect Core (High)
    • Upgrade Core(Highest)
    • Enchant Safeguard (Highest)
    • Slot Extender(Highest)
  • Added Extortion Bracelet +5, +6 and +7 to cCash Shop (Travelers Clan)
    • tTxRpmu.png
  • The Awakening of Patren event will be automatically started by Event Girl NPC Yul
  • The Awakening of Patren event will be started three times a week (details on the redemption website - events table)
  • The Awakening of Patren event monsters damage has been increased for a more challenging gameplay
  • The beginner items (the items replaced in the previous updates) have been removed from all accounts, including warehouse, inventory and equipment slots
  • The Huan Martial Set, Pasture Battle Set and Midreth Armor set costumes have been removed
    • Who have bought them will get instead a voucher of 100 cCash as a prof you had the costume (the items are automatically exchanged into vouchers)
    • Send Cykros or Ergo a mail ingame with the voucher attached and we will topup your account with the cCash
  • Cube of Honor Lv. 1/2/3 price was reduced to 30, 60 and 100 DP points
  • Cube of Enchant (Highest) price was increased from 65 to 75 due to the reward improvement
  • Elemental Enchant (FB) skill duration increased to 20 seconds
    • kPieWyf.png
  • Quick Move (FA) skill duration increased to 20 seconds
    • 3F1CDte.png
  • The cCash rotation has been updated with new items. The new items are:
    • The Lost Relics weapon set (+15, 2 x Free Slots, Max Craft All Skill Amp or Critical Damage or Critical Rate)
    • Perfect Core (Highest)
    • Frontier Stone with one year duration
    • Golden Fortune Pig
    • More items will come in the following days
  • Fixed the Head parts display of Chaos and Zwei Frame items
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Chaos Arena Infinity drops has not been added yet. We would like to ask everyone to test the difficulty of the dungeon and leave us a feedback thread in the proper forum section.
Nice the dp are very use full now
And the other update are so good now many will in war tg. I wonder how much wexp need for gold cap I can't w8 to play
Add more damage of Key OF Infinity, so that the new player can`t farm to. and please more EXP into that Key.
that's right, uchh price will be insane now i guess xD
its high price.. Something weird about the weapon at ca6 normally item will bound when we use it and it's steel can be extend and add add scroll.. But to day some one can't add a scroll or extend it.. After use the item
Sir caykros next update can add a buff for fa the remove buff unmovable. If its the buff already have here just ignore my suggestion
I IKE THIS UPDATE!!! THANK YOU Mr. Ergo!! :applausetiger::applausetiger:
Sir caykros next update can add a buff for fa the remove buff unmovable. If its the buff already have here just ignore my suggestion
The "Curse Remove" buff for FA is already available which removes unmovable debuff from FB... :)
i try then whan`t more damage to the mobs, so it can`t easely farm,

thank you if you wish to follow,,,,
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