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Update 15.07.2015

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Oct 19, 2014
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Update Contents:
  • Nearly-Hatching Egg added in the eCoin Shop I in Bloody Ice
    • qflm4Li.jpg

  • Updated stats of mobs in Hazardous Valley and edited the drops (Click here to check the drop list)
    • ev3rwT2.png

  • Updated stats of mobs in Volcanic Citadel. Drops will be improved in the next update

  • Empowered FPTA-01 Custodi Flight movement area is now limited to prevent the boss from being lured to Cap/Proc side

  • Oath of Sacrifice was fixed. All who have it bugged will be able to exchange it in Bloody Ice at the new temporary Usables Shop
    • fQsa03I.png

  • Floating rates multipliers has been updated to higher values.
    Starting from 20 players every 10 players online will higher the rates with a total of 5%, so at 30 players online the rates are 105%, at 40 players online 110% and so on.
Good Day Sir Gm
Just To ask... how does the floating rates helps improve our character sorry for that i don't really understand the bellow part of the update.....thanks.....hope for your kind consideration......

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We will soon have a detailed explanation of our floating rates system on the website.
In short the more players are online the rates will be better.
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