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Update 17-April-2024 - Automata Lab & Palestra Inferna


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Oct 19, 2014
The World
Greetings Nevarethians!
Today we are here to announce our newest content update, with new dungeons, a lot of newbie friendly changes and many tweaks.
Let's get into the details.


New dungeon Automata Lab was implemented.
Dungeon entry item, Holographic Map can be purchased at Peddler for 10,000,000 Alz​
Dungeon rewards include 22 DP, 36 eCoins and 3 Merit Mastery Tickets (PvE)​
Dungeon drops are Demonite and Dragonium up to Mythic craft with high chance​
Special dungeon drops are Turmacan's Energy Battery and Honor Medal Reset Scroll (Option Selective)​
Turmacan's Energy Battery is used as a material to assemble the Sealed Turmacan's Bracelet we introduced in a previous update. For details about this, visit https://forum.cabal.world/threads/update-16-march-2024.9705/
This is a party dungeon where it is advised to go in bigger parties for maximum efficiency, as the drops will be very good and it will be worth running it.​
Drop list of all the items can be checked at: https://cabal.world/droplist/110

New dungeon Palestra Inferna aka Alz Dungeon was implemented.
Dungeon entry item, Key of the Mighty Fighter can be purchased at Peddler for 2,500,000 Alz​
Dungeon rewards and /or drops are strictly Alz, and nothing else. We have ran a lot of calculations and we have tested for a very long time to balance it out and make it a convenient and worthy way of strictly farming Alz.​
The dungeon has 11 mob waves and 6 boss waves. It starts out relatively easy and continuosly gets more difficult as you complete waves.​
You can find a sweetspot that suits you best for farming here, either do less waves with overall less income and more investment into entry items or if you have the character powerful enough, then complete the full dungeon for less investment and even higher income.​
With the less waves method you will be able to farm up to 120,000,000 Alz in one hour or 240,000,000 Alz during Happy Hour, but if you can complete the dungeon fully and use less entries, your income will be up to 210,000,000 Alz in one hour or 420,000,000 Alz during Happy Hour.​
This is a solo dungeon for level 200+ but even as a fresh 200 you can start farming here ;)
Drop list of the exact amounts of Alz can be checked at: https://cabal.world/droplist/112

Newbie Friendly and Quality of Life Changes:
All experience of 3800+ mobs were multiplied by 4 ~ 4.5. This will help both new players and old ones as the leveling becomes a lot easier until level 200 and makes the grind for Resets and Master Resets more friendly.​
All training and untraining prices of skills are now 4 times cheaper for every class.​
All levels and types of HP Potions now heal 4 times more, up to 4,000 with a single potion.​
Special HP potions that automatically trigger when under a specific amount were also synchronized with the amount they heal.​
Special HP potions that automatically trigger when under 50% are now changed to under 65%.​

Item Grade and Requirement Changes:
Dragonium armor parts and weapons now all require level 200 to wear.​
Demonite armor parts and weapons now all require level 180 to wear.​
Palladium items were moved into the Highest grade, so they will require materials of Highest when upgrading, granting option, etc...​
Palladium items will also reward you with Highest grade rewards when destroying/extracting.​

Enchant System (Bind & Unbind) Changes:
Considerably reduced the binding and unbinding cost of every single item.​
Added the following accessories to the Enchant system to allow both binding and unbinding:​
  • Vampiric Amulet +1~9
  • Amulet of Pain +4~9
  • Amulet of Resist +6
  • Extortion Bracelet +5~9
  • Bracelet of Fighter +5~10
  • Bracelet of Sage +5~10
  • Vampiric Earring +5~10
  • Defensive Earring +1~10
  • Ring of Luck +1~6
  • Critical Ring +1~6

Other Changes:
Highered the drop rates by a considerable amount for Honor Medal Reset Scroll (Option Selective) in Labyrinth and Mirage Island (Awakened)​
Repositioned the Nation Warp of Pontus Ferrum and Porta Inferno. They no longer overlap the dungeon entry icons, blocking the hovering over them for the dungeon information.​
That is all for today, we hope everyone will find something that suits them in this update and stay tuned, as a lot more are coming!
Last edited:
We noticed the incorrect camera zoom in the new dungeons and that the entry items are showing up as unusable. A quick fix was deployed, after restarting entirely the client, the problems will be solved.
P.S.: Few more important notes, that somehow I totally forgot to include in the first post:
  • World Rulers have been further tweaked to make them more accessible.
  • All special mobs (mainly bosses and monsters with special skills) have now a fixed reduced 45% attack value on all spike attacks.
  • Visual bug of a random building appearing when in Legend Arena (dungeon paused state) was fixed.
  • Awakened Diablos of Ice and Fire HP Regeneration was drastically reduced, so it can actually be now defeated.

Thanks to Stubentiger for reminding me!
Mini patch

Summon Astral Bike skill:
Standard cooldown added, 3 seconds (Applies to ON / OFF)​
Mission War cooldown added, 120 seconds (Applies to ON / OFF)​
MP usage reduced to 20 from 210​
Premium Service Types
Because the mobs base EXP was not set correct in the past and now they are we are reviewing the bonuses from premium types and changing them accordingly to avoid a way to fast leveling.​
Premium Free​
EXP 900% -> 300%​
AXP 700% -> 250%​
SKILL EXP 400% -> 150%​
Premium Gold​
EXP 2000% -> 700%​
AXP 1500% -> 500%​
SKILL EXP 1000% -> 400%​
Fixed a problem with pet slot adding.​

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