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Update 26-March-2024


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Oct 19, 2014
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Greetings Nevarethians!
Today we are here to announce our newest update, with changes to the base rates of the server and some class balance changes.
Let's get into the details.

EXP acquisition:
The following rates have been lowered to their default multiplier and all the boosted rates and bonuses are now given directly in the Free and Gold Premium Services.

Base rate changes:
Experience500 -> 100
Skill Exp.500 -> 100
War Exp.500 -> 100
Pet Exp.500 -> 100

Premium changes:
Premium Service BenefitsFreeGold
EXP Bonus100% -> 900%300% -> 2,000%
AXP Bonus50% -> 700%200% -> 1,500%
Skill EXP Bonus0% -> 400%100% -> 1,000%
WEXP Bonus0% -> 150%100% -> 300%
Pet EXP Bonus0% -> 400%100% -> 1,000%

The premium service bonuses provide a slightly higher bonus overall than what we had before with the higher base rates.
With these changes, we now have more control over what amount of bonuses we can give and it is easier for the users as well to calculate their final bonuses
In addition to the rate changes, the Blessing Beads in the NShop have been reviewed and can now be purchased with durations of 1 and 3 days with reduced prices.

Due to the overall bonuses being higher, the boosted weekend rates will no longer be activated from now on.
We have plans for providing different kinds of bonuses during weekends, but it requires more work and testing, and we want to apply said bonuses the same way as the premium services, via % bonuses, properly displayed when checking the ingame benefits window.
We will come back with news about this matter in one of the coming updates. ;)

Class balancing:
As we announced previously, we continuosly monitor the classes in different scenarios and we review all the reports and suggestions on this matter.
Today we have further finetuned, not only the few classes we previously experimented with, but all of them.
Some received slight reductions here, other received slight increments there or even both, depending where the change was required for the class in question.
So far, it seems that we are getting closer to a more enjoyable experience with most classes, but as usually, we can and will, in the future, tweak the classes that require it. We want all the classes to be enjoyable but not to render their strength useless and/or remove entirely their weakness so expect more tweaks if we see fit.

That's all for now!
Have fun and stay tuned for more!
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