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Update Delay

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Dec 2, 2014
I'm sad to tell you guys that this week all the updates will be delayed.

Our beloved Administrator Cykros got a fever and there is a little chance that he will recover in time in the next few days.
So he will pass by on his tablet to check sometimes and keep us updated, but he is not available to do the next updates until he recovers.
For that me and Dehnfeld will maintain the server and take care of it until Cykros has returned completely recovered.

I hope this won't make you disappointed. Besides that it makes me have more time to gather feedback and suggestions to improve the server so that the Administrators can review it later when i forwarded it to them.

Let's hope that Cykros will recover anytime soon, so we will have more updates next time when he has returned :)

Happy Gaming OGN,
if this update is another crap update again, pls dont bother!
if this update is another crap update again, pls dont bother!
And i want you to stop to post useless comments once again before we have to ban you from the forum again, Thank you.
get well soon Cyk
and hoping that this nxt update has fixes for the 7/22/2015 epic failure
Getting a severe treatment at the hospital, I began to feel a bit better around 5 hours ago, considering that since Monday night I slept all the time being able to check in and read the forums is an improvement of my condition.
Till I will be checked out please don't hesitate to give feedback to Dehnfeld and Noctis so we bring you all in the next update what you wish for.
We will keep in touch.
Mr. Cykros, I hope you'll get well soon:). Have enough time to rest and take proper medication and please don't skip meals.
Get well Cykros!!!

and i hope we getting an August event like last month.
just hoping.... :)
Not open for further replies.

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