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Fixed voting

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Aspect of Death
Professional Enchanter
Aug 24, 2015
i think many of us have this problem (specialy 4th site wont open) popup windows allowed, using same browser - chrome like i allways have. sugestions plz.
btw you dont have to click the banners anymore guys
we need to have a confirmation message same as before like "thank your voting etc." so that we can easily know if our votes entered precisely
It would seem that the new voting system is NOT registering the votes. Every time I solve the captcha code correctly I still receive a pending response. Also by the way not all sites have a captcha requirement 2 of them only require a captcha code and the other 2 only require that you click in a box or on a banner.
The system u implemented is not working, 1st 2 link have pending status another 2 just dont change anyvstatus, i vote precisely and fairly solving capcha etc.
As everyone noticed that one of the votes links keep getting votes, this is something that needs to be fix.
Please stop abuseing this bug, the people that will still abuse it i will punish them personally, its not something to make a profit of this game needs to be fair for everyone.

If i didnt make myself clear about this, as i see more and more people abuseing it THIS IS AN WARNING, stop abuse it, bugs arent meant to be abuse they are problems waiting to be fixed.
The old/previous voting system is better.
Oh sorry. . I didnt mean to abuse this bug. Im just trying to make sure. Please hope you understand me. I'll stop. anyways I know that the voting will be fixed and I expect that. Just inform me on what is going on. Godbless . tnx for understandng .

P.S I dont have intention on gaining profit or advantage on this bugged voting system. And in the first place im not the one who was wrong here. T.Y
Not open for further replies.

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