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What happened to the old "Redemption of EG Arena"?

Paul A

Apr 18, 2015
Hi guys. Last times I played "Redemption of EG Arena" was like 5 months ago or maybe more, I know it was 2014's autumn. Given the name of this server, my question is this: is this the "Redemption of EG Arena" server but changes were made? I saw that redemption.egarena.com was down and also I had the patcher but I could not do anything with it. And if so, if this is Redemption of EG arena, is there any method I could recover my account? (I tried everything on this but they all seem to be wrong). I am awaiting answer(s) and sorry for this silly question.
Wow. Very disappointing. I might still join but, I donated 30 euros and I had 2 etochian (I think that was the name) weapons, and 2 bracelets. I also had some other good items on it. I am asking now if it is really over with my old account.
Thanks for the (fast) answer.
Unfortunately all account were removed and everyone had to start again :( Sorry for the inconvenience, it's shame you missed the reclaim period. Best of luck starting again if you choose to.
Yea it's sad, but you gotta live with it...

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