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  • I notice that ca2 doesnt even drop cabal cap anymore i mean before i made 10 ca i was going to drop like atless 1 pack of cabal cap black from the chest and now i make 10 and i dont even drop cabal cap...before ca4 if i was going to make all day ca(2ca then go sell and again ca) i was going to get like 10 cabal cap gold and now after the ca4 its added if im going to do same think if i get 4-5 cabal cap gold im lucky....
My question is why did u lower the drop in ca2 when u added ca4?
  • When i had 20 redeems or near 20 i was farming golem , the respawn time was 2h after he die but now the respawn time its 3h
Why golem respawn time its 3h now(more ppl start to come at the golem and u guys make the respawn time higher)?

  • Ca1<ca2<ca3<ca4<ca5<ca6(i think that should be the grade of difficulty of ca) my point is why mobs from ca4 are so OP(they hit like 1k while i got 2,2k def) and mobs from ca6 are normal(at 2,2k i think they hit 300+ max 400.)
Why the ca4 mobs are so strong?

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