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  1. harry001

    GM kill 2021

    This guide is for GM Kill event 2021 If you wanted to know whats inside/rewards of GM kill? These are the following, you can only choose one reward and you're good to go This is my 2nd GM Kill event Febraury 6, 2021 12:30pm PST Rewards are the following: 1. 5,000 ecoins 2. 2,500 vcoins 3...
  2. ExCaliose

    [Finished]EVENT July 14 2019 Sunday

    What: 3 Series of Event 2 Round Each (Events will be announced in the day of the event) When: July 14 2019, 1510H Server Time Where: Bloody Ice Channel 1 Reward: 1 GM kill per winner Rules: Winners Cant partake in any other events :) (total of 6 winners) See Yah Folks :)
  3. N

    Suggestion Craft EXP + Level EXP Event-Weekend

    Hi OGN-Team and Players :) i would love to see another Craft EXP + Level EXP Weekend like u did in February and March this year. Would that be possible, oder do you already planned other Events? Thanks for your hard work and running this Server for the many years! Greetz Absolution
  4. flea23

    Refused About Dual All skill amp earing

    There are "Dual amp earing(asa 14%)" in this server from 2017' summer event. At this time, there is no way to get it.(except for buying it from old players at each 200B over) Now , our rsa is low. So,14%ASA is more bigger advantage in the high Lv pvp than before update. My suggestion is giving...
  5. HoldMyBeer

    [Event Finished]Nation War Event

    Hi everybody! What: There will be a war event at 180-200 bracket. When: Sunday, December 17, 2017 14:00 server time. Rules/Mechanics: Everyone who will be joining war will have to be online at least 5 minutes before. Attendances will be checked by us from the start and finish in...
  6. ExCaliose

    [Finished]Surprise Event.

    Hello there, Thank you for participating in this Surprise Event.. :) Today there were 3 Rounds of Hard Hide and Seek.. I gave Clues in game :) so if you find me in 1 Clue you could get 10 Uniqes. 2 Clues could Get 8 Uniques. 3 Clues could Get 6 Uniques :). Winners :) cheryl28 - 8 Uniques...
  7. ExCaliose

    [Finished]Keyboard Maniacs Event.

    Keyboard Maniacs Event Hello there, We will have a Unique Event this time.. The event will be Held at Channel 3 Green Despair.. 04.01.2017 4PM Server Time.. see you there. Mechanics: 1. Everyone can Participate as long as you follow the mechanics :) 2. To ensure that you red the text...
  8. Marvin


    [FIND THE GM/ SPOT THE GM AND FORUM RACE] MECHANICS: - Event GM will go to a map and announce the beginning of the game. - Players are to find him, once found they will need to take pictures of him and post it in the forums. - Who ever post first in the forums will be the winner of the game...
  9. A

    Refused pvp event pls

    due the new patch, as u said now all char balance, i suggest test it with pvp event. thankyou :*

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