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23.04.2015 CRAFTSMAN CLAN - Bind / Unbind System + More

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Oct 20, 2014
New Features:
  • Play Time reward for every 60 minutes online
    • the online time refers to the character time spent online playing/afk
    • the reward will be sent every time you log in your character
    • for every 60 minutes spent online you will receive 5 eCoins
    • Eo2zJ77.png
  • Craftsman Clan Merchant - Bind / Unbind System
    • The craftsman system is a total new feature that will allow you player to build a a good item by extending it then unbinding it then extend again till the max of the item capabilities.
    • There are 2 types of stones that can be used (Minesta and Arcane Golem Stones) and the difference between the stones is the success rate.
    • The Minesta stones can be bought from merchant Chloe from Port Lux in stacks of 50/70/100
    • The Golem stones can be looted from the Arcane Golem of Rage.
    • There are 2 types of Craftsman levels, one is normal and the other one is the master craftsman.(you can read all about they pros and cons in the website Craftsman Clan module)
    • ATTENTION!! If you want to bind/unbind a donated item we strongly recommend to use the Master Craftsman so you don't risk to destroy your item.
    • N5Dsm3N.png

    • DhSF2Sz.png

    • f0ddMr1.png
    • IJkvlU1.jpg
  • New eCoin Shops in game in BI with new items added
    • 6HlQxC4.png
  • The new currency that will be gained by donations/referral system and redeeming is cCash
  • The eCoins can be gained by voting and staying online on the servers and the eCoins can be used to acquire items from the ingame eCoin Shops.
    • eCoins will be displayed in the General Information from Ingame
    • X7K8aHt.png
  • Character Creation: The new characters created from now on will have Class Rank 20 (with quests completed and extra stat points awarded)/ BM3 FULL and Level 190
    • We wont be able to give this things to the character made till now so we don't risk to damage to the database.
    • Vofwts4.jpg
  • Fixed the Chaos Boots of WA and FS appearance.

This update took a lot of our time as the Craftsman system required a lot of testing,from now we will refocus on updates based on you(the players) feedback.
If there are any question or uncleared stuff regarding the new system don't hesitate to PM us (the staff) here on the forum

For old characters made before this update we added the BM3 books for 1 eCoins in the BI eCoin Shop IV
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yeah no prob, but i have a question? new chars have full bm3 skill etc. why not give all even old created chars?
or give us required item to quest our bm3 skills upgrade to fair
Please dont make double post and dont make a reply here and a new post as feedback too.
We will consider this idea.
At least a real good update,i think the idea with some spots for alz farm should suit the system.
Donor's hunt for valuable items and non-donor's should have this option.
At least a real good update,i think the idea with some spots for alz farm should suit the system.
Donor's hunt for valuable items and non-donor's should have this option.
Use the suggestion section for this type of stuff :)
I LOVE THIS UPDATE!!!!!:heart::heart::heart:
why not give all even old created chars?
Please make those Skillbooks purchaseable by eCoins:laughing: Good thing he has suggested that. Anyway, I really like the new updates, especially the lvl190 characters so we can focus on Redeeming :complacenttiger: Lets make this OGN Community Bigger!!! Let's promote the server!!! This server is really a fun server!!:heart::bawltiger:
First post updated again with preview of the golem drop.
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