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  1. F

    Suggestion About event bikes

    Hi everyone. I just wanted to ask a question: why can't we have also pve bikes as option? Before update i was almost sure i will find something for players like me to choose, i was searching for them and... ended with disappointment. I think everyone should have an option, not just players who...
  2. gyrd4fearX

    Inapplicable Blended Runes: Raise Activation Chance Percentage

    Suggestion: Raise the current Percent of Activation for Blended Runes. Point of Concern: To have Blended Runes with the current activation chance is only for Show-Off. "At least I have it;" but for usefulness, it is next to zero because it seldom activates or never activates at all. It is...
  3. S

    Some thoughts.

    Hey zera , been away quite a time , and came back and saw too many red names and not to mention those mods. Just wondering why , cause I tot this server has been maintained now. Too many gm make the "open view" abused. :giggle::giggle::giggle:Maybe when cykros implement [GA] to close "bias" ...
  4. scarlette

    Inapplicable to new set

    how about the crafting of equilibrium? Example equilibrium crafting style need palladium perfect... i hope you see this..thank you
  5. A

    Inapplicable The reach number of people to active handicaps.

    Hello , im here to post a suggestion about the handicaps issue. As refer to the last long thread ago about the handicap % to be lower as 50% to 15 10 5 or more like an other cabal server that result is a failed since admin cant find the file to edit it. So now im suggesting the new strategy to...
  6. S

    Fixed Spooky Halloween Costume - Orb

    Hello , I just bought the spooky halloween costume . Then , I found out that it does not work on Call Of Suffering (Orb) . Could you fix this please , thank you .
  7. Xanxus

    Event rewards

    To the 3 parties who joined the Event awhile ago... Please let me know if u didn't receive the rewards... please leave ur IGN as well... I already tagged the team leaders... please let me know for further actions thank you

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