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  1. gyrd4fearX

    Refused Extend Summer Event (Earring Hunt)

    Please extend the Summer Event where it allows us to hunt Earring for about a MONTH more. Thanks.
  2. Ryoma Echizen

    Fixed Cabal Auto Close

    Please check this video. need help this is new to me dont know how to fix it. i try reinstalling Cabal and close all possible can be detected by mShield. just watch it. started 5 days ago i think.
  3. gyrd4fearX

    Inapplicable New Server to Have Gladiator Class

    Opening a new server is somewhat good for the purpose of expanding or solving lag issues in terms of locations. But i suggest that it should been better, if the NA server or the same has to have a Gladiator Class. It will be more exciting then, would'nt you agree? Thanks
  4. J

    Fixed about reflex buff

    thanks for fixing it, but i think the +2000 absorb dmge is to low, since it only last for 12 sec why not make more not too much but atleast add some more or maybe just add defense instead of absorb damage, that 2k absorb dmg is only 1 hit on FA with normal skill
  5. J

    Fixed Basic Elements

    is it possible that we can exchange Basic Elements to rare or unique, or something that has value, like the Caps before??
  6. J

    Fixed PVP EVENT

    i just came back from tireiness last december but until now i havnt seen any GM making a PVP Event, since i see a lot of end game player just dancing the whole time on BI, i think its time to make one PVP Event
  7. owen falsis

    Fixed Bugged Board Case

    Hello there i was trying to wrap my astral board using astral board case eventually i found that the board case is bugged it said cannot use the item when i try to wrap my astral board ..looking for fast response regarding this thanks and more powers....
  8. A

    Fixed Redeeming Reward

    Hello OGN. I would like to tell admin that to make the prize like the old redeem reward for the changed of black caps into chaos piece. As we know the caps mhas changed to element. So the point is i would like to get the old back that replacing the black/basic into chaos piece to return back as...
  9. Optimus

    Saturday 19.12.2015 Events(Finished)

    Hello everyone! :D These will be my last events for this year, unfortunately, but no worries I will come back with fresh powers next year ;) I have some surprises prepared for you all so stay tuned ^_^ To start: 1) Kill GM Event - starting at 5 PM Server Time(Obviously after Saint's) ;) - 3...
  10. Optimus

    Surprise Events 13.12.2015(Finished)

    Hey everyone! :) Since it was Sunday and many people were on, I said why not make a surprise event ^_^ Started @ 5:30 PM server time Hide and Seek: 1 round won by ShadowSINcere*** Kill the GM: 3 rounds: 1st round won by Zeratul 2nd round won by SirHoOLiGaN 3rd round won by MaiTrang Hope to...
  11. Crazy

    Fixed Voting link.

    The las voting link doesn't work for me... can some 1 from staff or a regular member like me provide me with a solution? since all the others voting links work for me and the last one at one point it did work idk what to do lol. Thx in advance. Yours truly IamCrazy.
  12. D

    Special Treatments

    I will start it in this way, since you banned me for a invalid reason / invalid proof and disturbing moment since if been farming at this time I wont allow you to do this WarFreak Let me show you the PROOF of BANNING/ which is very invalid. "Harassment? You are doin an harassment" next...

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