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  1. Ergo

    Rates Booster - Mini Update 20-June-2021

    In preparation for the upcoming updates and changes we decided to review the server rates and adjust them accordingly. While we tested the new configuration, we noticed there was a long existing bug with the floating rates system that caused all the basic and therefor the online bonus rates to...
  2. M

    Acknowledged Some thoughts about recent updates - May 2019

    I'd like to say that they are really good. Honor changes are nice, zoom out limits are great, playing is much more comfortable now, stats change is cool.Merit mastery is an outstanding long term move. I know that people may complain that it doesn't show up in stats, doesn't have menu etc. but...
  3. flea23

    Refused About Dual All skill amp earing

    There are "Dual amp earing(asa 14%)" in this server from 2017' summer event. At this time, there is no way to get it.(except for buying it from old players at each 200B over) Now , our rsa is low. So,14%ASA is more bigger advantage in the high Lv pvp than before update. My suggestion is giving...
  4. M

    Acknowledged Party buffs - recent balance changes on global

    Hello! Recently new update came to global (force gunner) and it also changed the way buffs work. Now buffs are kind of AoE and with one click you buff everyone in your party. Some buffs were merged into one which also made life easier. However the most important change was enabling players to...
  5. JuanMarvic

    Acknowledged Making the crafting more interesting

    Hi, Nice job for this crafting update. Takes my time when im bored :) One thing i think to improve this update is instead of using this Mithril to Zwei for the weapons what if you guys use the other weapons (enochian and other stuff) ? This will allow us more selections of weapons as...
  6. F

    Not a bug Fail at launcher

    Hi, I have just downloaded and installed Cabal Redemption yesterday. At first, I couldn't manage to update the launcher automatically. But then I downloaded the launcher file to replace the existing one and it updated successfully (after about 2 hours). But now when I open the launcher, it...
  7. Enora1989

    Error: "Update file 'config.dll' corrupted". How fix it?

    I reinstalled client, downloads all manual patches and added client to firewall/antivirus exceptions, but still dont works good... I use win 8.1

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