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  1. Kiyoshi

    Acknowledged Unattractive DQ/attract new players in the low bracket.

    I just noticed it's very few are participating in the MWAR since the DQ was so hard to finish. The daily quest is difficult to finish for 10v10/15v15. I'm not pointing that we need to make it easier. It's honestly unattractive for newbies. We need to make the DQ more appealing. Or if you guys...
  2. Nishino

    Fixed Gift box of Costume BUG

    Please use the format below and make sure you include the required information. Required Information: Date - 4:14PM Ph time Description - when i bought the Gift box party of darkness hair at auction. i cant equip it i think its bug can u fix it sir Screenshot/Video Format (Complete the form...
  3. gyrd4fearX


    Hi, may I suggest if its possible to make ANIMA GEMS with max options to be available at e-shop - e.g. +20 CRI, +40 CDI, +20 MSA/SSA, +20 MCR, +20 FLEE, +200 Alz, +20 RCR, +20 RSA, Etc. Some exclusive items or equips are already available at e-shop to accommodate those players who are working...
  4. gyrd4fearX

    Not a bug Adding Third Slot (MCR) for Extreme Bike Crystal Crysis failed 10 Times

    Please use the format below and make sure you include the required information. Required Information: Date - The date (server time) the bug occurred. Include as accurate info as possible. Description - Describe the bug as accurate as possible. Include information such as what you were doing...
  5. shan

    Not a bug AP saver lost

    Character -NaughtyNASH Date - 31-0318 18:40-19:00 Description -I try to store my ap saver in the warehouse using ctrl+leftclick but my ap saver gone and lost. I lost two ap saver now. Screenshot/Video - dont have
  6. S

    Acknowledged Equilibrium.

    Hello there, since we all here were forced to craft, okay then. Thanks for the craft exp. What I would like to suggest here is, please make all equilibrium set that being crafted to accountbound when equipped. So we can use it on other characters. It's not like we're going to craft blade or orbs...
  7. gyrd4fearX

    Inapplicable Blended Runes: Raise Activation Chance Percentage

    Suggestion: Raise the current Percent of Activation for Blended Runes. Point of Concern: To have Blended Runes with the current activation chance is only for Show-Off. "At least I have it;" but for usefulness, it is next to zero because it seldom activates or never activates at all. It is...
  8. kerlyy

    Suggestion UNIQUE CORES

    As a player I've experienced how hard to get unique cores. since it is now crafting system I've thinking of craft in unique cores too like: 10UCHH = 1UCU 10FCHH = 1FCU 5SGHH = 1SGU 5pchh = 1PCU People are all busy with the prof crafting atm. after they reach equib and got their set they need to...
  9. scarlette

    Inapplicable to new set

    how about the crafting of equilibrium? Example equilibrium crafting style need palladium perfect... i hope you see this..thank you
  10. gyrd4fearX

    Refused Extend Summer Event (Earring Hunt)

    Please extend the Summer Event where it allows us to hunt Earring for about a MONTH more. Thanks.
  11. N

    Fixed Quest disconnect

    Hi. Gone with the GM to b3f, now I come to the officer in the snow, when passing the quest throws out of the game with an error 6, type 282.
  12. Akiyama Michio

    Acknowledged Passive Buffs

    Can make those buffs Passive for some character? If it's possible then it will be great, specially on war.
  13. S

    Acknowledged Reason StormyLegends Take A Break .

    Hello , please bring back the drop rate like before . Potion of Honour and Redeem Coins all at Arcane Trace , and dungeon entry at Nostalgia forest , also please remove craps drop (Sigmetal etc) at Nostalgia Forest . My friends and I kinda disappointed with these changes . Again this is private...
  14. S

    Refused Palladium Belt .

    As we all know it is hard to get palladium belt +3 , could the belt +3 stat increase as it is hard to craft it . Hope admins could increase the stat so it become worth because theres not much diff between +2 and +3 .
  15. A

    Inapplicable The reach number of people to active handicaps.

    Hello , im here to post a suggestion about the handicaps issue. As refer to the last long thread ago about the handicap % to be lower as 50% to 15 10 5 or more like an other cabal server that result is a failed since admin cant find the file to edit it. So now im suggesting the new strategy to...
  16. S

    Not a bug Webshop .

    RSA option doesn't show real stat after latest update .
  17. S

    Refused Blessing Bead .

    Blessing Bead Wexp 50% was available , can you add once again to vcoin shop ? So we will get more wexp .
  18. S

    Refused Crafting Shop

    Since there is few or no people sell crafting materials , I want to suggest a new NPC . I know you can make new NPC , maybe at BI . Put All the crafting materials there and set a price like how m each , or maybe 100 m per stack . You decide the price , so we people could farm alz and buy from...
  19. S

    Fixed Spooky Halloween Costume - Orb

    Hello , I just bought the spooky halloween costume . Then , I found out that it does not work on Call Of Suffering (Orb) . Could you fix this please , thank you .
  20. S

    Refused Crafting .

    I know someone made this thread already , but my suggestion is abit different . I know it isn't fun if all item is at npc . You know haunting is a habit but can you increase the amount drop of disc and shape cartridge on map . Like maybe 5 pcs per drop . So it's not same like B2F which give 10...

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